After the expansion following discovery of the Jupiter wormhole,
Earth found the need of a space-based force to defend the newly discovered systems from hostile incursions.

Even though it has been designed from day one as a force to combat hostile alien species, the Core has never truly fulfilled that role. Because there have been no encounters with any alien species, and the Core has lately filled the role of an armed exploratory force and shock troops for colony uprisings.

Core soldiers are highly trained individuals that use top of the line starships, fighters and equipment for the defense of Earth controlled territory. The Earth Naval Academy provides most of the recruits. Some exceptions from this recruitment process have been made in case of gifted individuals that want to serve Earth and join the military.

Core fighter craft range from the quick and nimble Sparrow to the heavy Cormoran bomber. All these ships are designed to fill precise roles and excel in their individual fields.

Ship roster


The Core

Rising Hand
The Rising Hand