The Rising Hand is an "outspoken" group of people that are fighting to liberate the humanity from the tyranny of the 7. This movement has been formed after a Core taskforce entered the Ross 627 independent system and tried to establish Republic Control. The locals formed a powerful resistance movement supported by neighboring systems and drove the Core forces back into Republic space.

Initially, the movement started in the Rioted Territories (planetary systems outside of Republic control), and has spread quickly to the border areas after the Ross 627 incident. Since then, convoys traveling border systems are subject to raids by Rising Hand fighters.

The Republic propaganda machines labels the Rising Hand as ordinary pirates. However, there has been no record of any civilian ship lost to them. All the ships lost to or captured by the Hand have been found to be targets of military value. These losses are covered by official reports; however the real statistics lead to believe that the Rising Hand is succeeding in fueling its own military might with captured military equipment.

Rising Hand members are dedicated individuals of all ages and with very diverse backgrounds. Fighter pilots have become experts in guerilla tactics, such as hit and run engagement, sensor avoidance and covert operation, mainly because of necessity. Because they do not possess the latest technology and are often faced with the military might of the Core, they rely mostly on improvisation rather than established military rules of engagement.

Insurgent spacecraft are usually old salvaged Core craft, which are patched up in order to fit various roles. Lately there have been sightings of insurgent craft of new design. The relatively small number of such reports is attributed to the lack of fighter production facilities that the Rising Hand has.

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